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And while the line-up is still being finalized, we’d strongly advise you to keep your calendars free — the weekend will be one to remember. Ray Ban Discount . Watch the teaser below and RSVP here.


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Like peanut butter and jelly or Twitter and hashtags, Joe Biden and aviators simply go together. Cheap Ray Bann Sunglasses Outlet  . One is never far from the other. So it should come as no surprise that the vice president thinks that Ray-Ban, the company that owns the original trademark on the style, Ray Ban Discount .should probably sponsor him.

In an interview with the Skimm, Biden, whose very first Instagram post was a close-up of his favorite shades, detailed his long love affair with the brand.

“My lord, I’ve been wearing aviators since I was a freshman in college as a lifeguard,” said Biden, who has donned his signature shades without apology everywhere from the campaign trail to a Yale commencement address.ray bans for cheap.

The Veep added, “I think Ray Ban should [sponsor me], I tell you what.” So perhaps Biden will have a gig waiting come Jan. 21, 2017: official Ray-Ban spokesman. Cheap Ray Bann Sunglasses Outlet . We’re imagining a cross between Dos Equis’s “most interesting man in the world” and William Shatner for Priceline.Ray Bans For Cheap.