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Now that it’s finally sunny enough to want to actually go outside during daylight hours, I’ve started to pay a little more attention to the sunglasses I throw in my bag every morning.Ray Bans Sale Online. And while I love my Warby Parkers andH&M shades as much as the next girl, the real MVPs are by smaller, independent brands—acetate cat eyes by a cool Parisian label recommended by a friend or mirrored aviators I tracked down from an online boutique.But of course, these aren’t always the first places everyone turns when they need a new pair of sunnies.Ray Bans Sunglasses Outlet. See, the global eyewear industry is really dominated by a single company, Luxottica, which owns brands such as Ray-Ban and Persol, has licensing deals with just about every designer you can name (Chanel, Prada, Tory Burch, Ralph Lauren, to name a few), and operates thousands of retail stores around the world and online (LensCrafters, Sunglass Hut, Glasses.Ray Ban For Sale.com, Target Optical). It’s actually pretty staggering when you think about it.And while it’s likely we’ll still be throwing some of our cash toward their €8,883 billion in yearly sales at some point or other, we still like to support the little guy where we can.Discount Ray Bans Wayfarer  .And it doesn’t hurt that the brands below also make really, really good frames.Last month, our creative director went to the MIDO Eyewear Show in Milan, a three-day optical extravaganza, and came back with an armful of lookbooks and business cards. Naturally, I snagged them for myself and found a few new obscure brands to crush on. Read on to learn about those.

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’80s-era pop star Corey Hart can rest assured that wearing your sunglasses at night officially became a lot more acceptable. Just when you thought chrome and holographic nails were the most eye-catching looks of the moment, manicurist Julie Kandalec presents us with sunglass nails—a reflective, multi-tonal effect that mimics the mirrored shades you wore all summer long.Ray Ban Sunglass Sale. During a recent trip to Seoul, the pro snapped the below shot of the mani to her Instagram, and the internet freaked out accordingly. “I saw these at a random accessories store in one of the huge, winding markets,” she tells InStyle. “I loved how they looked just like Ray-Bans—my brother was actually searching for a pair—so the name was born. These are super cool for fall because they’re so eye-catching, and the colors change as you look at them, like how Ray-Bans do.”Ray Bans Cheap Online.In contrast to the chrome technique, which involves a super-fine metallic pigment applied over gel polish, Kandalec notes that the sunglass effect is accomplished in one step, using a solid nail covering. Though they haven’t arrived stateside just yet, she recomends asking your nail technician for a duo-chrome metallic pigment to get a similar mani in the meantime. “They’re catching on fast. First, we saw single tones like warm gold, bright copper, and cool gunmetal, but since these are multi-chrome, they change between 3 to 4 different colors depending on the angle,” she adds.Ray Ban Sunglasses Outlet.Since the color choices are somewhat deeper than your go-to heavy metal, it’s a perfect accent for your subdued fall wardrobe—just be prepared for everyone on your feed to caption their own #ManiMonday Instagram with something along the lines of “When your future’s so bright, you have to wear shades.”

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