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Take a minute to recall the glory of the early 2000s — frosted tips, terrible fashion, and the advent of MP3 players to replace your beloved Walkman. The Oakley THUMP was the first audio player built into a pair of clunky, rechargeable sunglasses that were, in typical Y2K fashion, not cute at all. Ray Ban For Sale.But if you had your hopes up for audio compatible eyewear, the dream isn’t dead yet.Zungle Panther is a pair of sunglasses that step up the game significantly with built-in bone conduction speakers that transmit sound waves to your skull with vibrations.For one, the sunglasses actually look like something you’d want to wear. They have a stylish frame, similar to the Ray-Ban Wayfarer, and come in five different colors with replaceable UV400 lenses.Discount Ray Bans Wayfarer. Even with the added speakers and battery, they are surprisingly lightweight at 1.5 ounces. Charging time is expected to be less than an hour with a micro USB port.Plus, the Panther’s tiny embedded bone conduction speakers are a bit of a tech marvel (and also super metal, though they aren’t sponsored by Dog the Bounty Hunter). The Panther’s speakers are located at the ends of each leg of the frame, and sit snugly behind your ear, where sound can best be transmitted to the skull and still received by your eardrums .Ray Ban Sunglasses Sale Online.According to their Indiegogo page, the bone conduction system boasts sound quality comparable to regular earphones but while still allowing you to hear external sound, a feature that might appeal to runners or bikers who want to play tunes but also keep their ears open.

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Hold on to your sunnies, folks, we about to rave at the water park – and not just any rave. It’s gonna be a Boiler Room, and it’s the biggest one in history.Discount Ray Bans Outlet.For four years running, Boiler Room has given life to house and techno’s most underground sounds. None of it would have been possible without the constant support of Ray-Ban, which is such a great sponsor, considering how awful it is to walk outside into the unforgiving sun when you’ve been jamming to Jamie XX or Green Velvet in a dark, tiny room for 8 hours.Ray Bans For Sale.Virgil Abloh Premieres Ray-Ban x Boiler Room Set, Talks Breaking ‘Stereotypes & Snobbery’ in DJ Culture: Exclusive.Ray-Ban and Boiler Room take their relationship very seriously and recently decided each is ready to take the next step.Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses. We’re all moving in together, the fans, the curators, and the DJs, and the three-day lease starts Friday, Nov. 4 through Sunday, Nov. 6.Dubbed the Ray-Ban x Boiler Room Weekender, the party takes the expansive Split Rock Resort in Lake Harmony, Penn., with plans to convert all of the ground’s facilities into unique party plazas. Set against the backdrop of the Poconos Mountains, ticket holders will groove to the sounds of Soulection, GHE20GOTH1K, Virgil Abloh, Mixpak, Discwoman artists and more in places as strange as the resort’s waterpark, 150-person theater, dance studio, game arcade, bowling alley, and indoor sports complex.The Weekender is a celebration of music, friendship, and four years of dank, dimly-lit parties. Oh, and dope sunglasses, of course. Tickets include accommodations and access to all events. Get yours on a first-come, first-serve basis by RSVPing online.Ray Bans Cheap. Look out for special codes via participating collective social media outlets.

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