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Cheap Fashion Ray Bans.So when I heard someone had created sunglasses that can make contactless payments, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.Visa has teamed up with payments startup Inamo and sunglasses company, Local Supply, to create WaveShades: contactless payments sunglasses.The slick, lightweight design made them some of the most comfortable to wear glasses I have worn, and the reflective lenses and Ray-Ban-like black frame made them cool and fashionable.Nevertheless the idea of putting a payments system into sunglasses — which for Australians is a must-have accessory — is a great idea.Ray Bans Classic Clubmaster Store.Before you get too excited, WaveShades is still in its prototype phase — as you can tell by the odd placement of the payment chip — but is being trialed at St Jerome’s Laneway Festival this summer.Frederique Covington, senior vice president of marketing for Asia Pacific at Visa, said the financial services environment was evolving at an unprecedented pace.“The Visa WaveShades pilot is all about showing Australians that innovation in how we pay can make their lives simpler and everyday experiences seamless and rewarding.”Whilst the sunglasses are note available for purchase just yet, it’s hoped a successful pilot could result in them being offered for sale in the future.Ray Bans Outlet Store.

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